“In 2015, I was blessed with the most perfect Christmas gift from my family. Francis has such a personality! I have enjoyed watching him grow. In 2016, we added one more Candy Doodle to our family. Sebastian is one of the studs for Candy Doodles. He has such a tender heart and is such a fun loving boy. Candy blessed us with the most perfect golden doodles in the world. I’m forever grateful for her and her breeding program.”

Roberts Family

Hemingway, SC, Francis from Sully & Prince Charles' litter & Guardian, Candy Doodles Sir Sebastian

Before finding Candy Doodles, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase a dog from a breeder for various reasons. When the time came though for us to want to add to our family, we knew we wanted a Goldendoodle and then I found Candy! I did my research and I was instantly in awe of how well adjusted all of her dogs seemed and the amount of care, time, love, and details she puts into the breeding process and to her puppies. We have not one but two of her beautiful dogs now and one of those is a guardian dog. He will have future litters at Candy Doodles. If you are hesitant, I understand but I promise you won’t be disappointed and you will have to best companion for your family. My 4 children adore our sweet pups and I couldn’t have asked for a better breeder.”

Willis Guardian Family

Florence, SC, Guardian Family to Nobel Gus, and Pet Owner to his brother, Saint from (Chloe/Darcy)

“Getting a puppy is a huge decision to make and getting our golden doodle through Candy was the best decision! Candy is there when we need her, professional and it is obvious she loves every pup! She breeds the smartest, sweet, most beautiful golden doodles! I did a lot of research and it’s a no brainer when I say Candy Doodles is by far the best place to find your FURever friend (or in my case, furbaby).”

Odom Guardian Family

Florence, SC, Guardian girl, Willow Spice from Paprika & Sir Sebastian's litter

“Recently, I saw the sweetest most precious puppy on a Facebook post that my sister tagged me in. The Facebook post was put up by Candy of Candy Doodles Goldendoodles and the puppy was named Cedar. I messaged Candy about his availability and she could not have been more responsive and provided all the information that my family needed to make the most wonderful decision of making Cedar a part of our family. There just aren’t words to express how happy we are to have such a wonderful puppy. We had not had an inside dog in 20+ years but we couldn’t have made a more awesome choice of a goldendoodle. Candy let me come to visit and meet Cedar prior to our purchase and made me feel right at home in her home. If you are considering a golden doodle as a part of your family, please don’t hesitate to contact Candy, she wont steer you wrong and will provide you with all the support you need to make your decision. I am a true convert to the Goldendoodle breed and couldn’t be happier to have a Candy Doodle – Goldendoodle!!!.”

Harmon Family

Johnsonville, SC, Cedar from Rosie & Prince Oakley

“Wanted to share with anyone interested in a puppy from Candy Doodles, my experience was great. Kept in contact with me sending photos and updates the whole process was actually very simple and thorough, with adoption application. I am so happy with the puppy alias “CHERRY POP” now she is Ellie, so sweet. I love her. We had a 6 hour trip, but was awesome. She retained a lot of the golden retriever look, which is what I wanted. Will be interesting to see how she grows and changes. Thank you again Candy Doodles.”

Slaughter Family

Pittsview, AL, Ellie from Rosie & Sir Sebastian's litter

“We had just lost our second big golden retriever and I said never again. Then my husband starts with cute pictures of Candy Doodles! I still resisted but just couldn’t get these sweet faces out of my mind. We ended up with not one, but two of the sweetest pups on earth . They are so well mannered and loving. I can’t imagine life without these two love bugs ❤️ Whiskey and Ginny❤️

Purvis Family

Summerton, SC, Siblings Whiskey & Ginny from the Pebbles/Dawson litter.

Adding Maple to our family has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! He’s traveled with us from Maine to Florida, went to our wedding, honeymoon and my law school graduation. He’s independent, playful, confident and the sweetest boy ever. Candy is so knowledgeable on all things doodles, I’m so thankful to have Maple in our lives!”

Limoncelli Family

Maine/Florida, Maple from the PeppermintPatty/Dawson litter

Joining the Candy Doodle family was one of the best and easiest decisions I have ever made. Candy adores her doodles and as a result, we have the most amazing additions to our family. Candy involves you in every part of the process, gives updates the entire time your puppy is growing strong. She gives these babies so much love and attention while they are with her and it shows when the puppy comes home. But her support doesn’t stop there, she is available to talk to, ask questions and she continues to love our babies. We are a community with 2 things in common…we love our doodles and we love Candy. (Stone, 2 years old, Chloe/Darcy litter)”

Thomas Family

Aiken, SC, Stone from the Chloe/Darcy litter

Oh my goodness my Candy doodle is the best. He’s so smart and such a good dog. Plus he’s very handsome. I’m so happy I found Candy doodles ❤️

Ghiz Family

Myrtle Beach, SC, Thor from the Pebbles/Dawson 2020 litter

“We just got a puppy out of Sully’s litter. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy. Even the vet said this little dog is PERFECT and she said I can’t say that much about puppies! Perfect breeder with perfect puppies.”

Hagerty Family

Mooresville, NC , Dorothy from Sully & Prince Charles' litter

“We bought our first Candy doodle home in July 2016. We couldn’t have wished for a sweeter pup. Winnie May totally won’t over and now less than a year later, we have added two more Candy Doodles to our family. Lucy, Belle and Frankie Elm keep entertained with their spunky but sweet personalities. Each pup is unique but they are so wonderful. We can’t say enough about how great it has been working with Candy and becoming part of the Candy Doodles family.”

Willis Family

Springfield, GA, Winnie from Sully & Prince Charles, Lucy from Paprika & Prince Charles, Frankie Elm from Rosie & Prince Oakley

Maverick is the SWEETEST edition to our family. I had searched everywhere for a Goldendoodle and stumbled across Candy! I’m SO happy we did. She is amazing. We had the best experience and got to see so many pictures/videos about our doodles interactions before pick-up day! From the moment I laid eyes on Maverick I knew he was special. He is so gentle and loving. He is my kids best friend. Never leaves their side. We are beyond grateful for Candy & our precious boy!”

Cochrone Family

Myrtle Beach, SC, Maverick from the Lucy/Gus 2022 litter

“Candy is very impressive – her care of her dogs & pups is loving and professional. She is quickly responsive to texts and posts. Her pups are tested. and health checked thoroughly and have sweet dispositions – I feel sure her close attention and loving care must contribute to this. You will be so glad you choose Candy Doodle -Goldendoodles as your breeder. Tip: get two pups at once – they have so much fun together and are best buddies! We have one standard and one mini-medium, 3 months age difference-best decision!!”

Pruessner Guardian Family

Columbia, SC, Guardian moms, Annie & Picco

I am blessed x 2 to be a guardian “momma” for Candy Doodles. First, Pebbles (retired) and then one of her babies, Matilda Grace aka Tilly (potential future mom). Candy is amazing to “share” with. Her program is impeccable. She is so knowledgeable about this breed and their needs. Has never hesitated to answer any questions that may arise! Candy loves what she does, loves these babies and it shows in the quality of puppies she provides! So thankful for Candy Doodles!!!”

Wallace Guardian Family

Marion, SC, Guardian Family to Matilda Grace, aka Tilly, and to her mom, Pebbles that is now retired.

“We got Whiskey (4.5 months old now) from Sully and Prince Oakley (stud from GA)’s Cocktail themed litter (born May 30, 2017). He was the largest of the litter and I think probably the SWEETEST! I am a first time dog owner and didn’t grow up with dogs either (hubby has had dogs though). We picked Whiskey up on his 9th week birthday (everyone else, minus Cosmo was picked up on their 8th). He has been the most calm, gentle, laid back dog since day 1 for us. I know they all have different personalties, and we really lucked out with this guy!

At night, for the first 2 months, we kept him in a crate in our bedroom and he slept most of the night and didn’t make a peep until he needed to go out. We eventually moved him to our bathroom with a gate because I could hear the crate rattle every time he rolled over. Now, he even goes right to his bed at night without us telling him to.

Very trainable (a few potty accidents here and there but that happens with a good puppy) and well mannered dog. Great around him so he is very well socialized and loves greeting customers.

And just so you know it’s not just my opinion (of course, I’m a little partial) Woofer’s told me after his first grooming that we should consider him becoming a therapy dog to visit in hospitals because of how gentle, calm and loving he was! When you give him a treat, he gingerly takes it from your hand. It’s the sweetest!

Candy was great to deal with and stays in touch with her puppies and their owners and is there for advice should you need it. She is a small reputable breeder and not a puppy mill! Her dogs stay in her home and are very well taken care of (just watch FB videos!) Those that are bred are checked and tracked for any health issues and not bred if they do have issues. They’re not over bred either! Her studs are also from reputable breeders with clear health screens. I can’t say enough good things about Whiskey and Candy’s Doodles!”

Wilcox Family

Florence, SC, Whiskey from Sully & Prince Oakley's litter

“We are so thankful to have found Candy Doodles! Candy provided excellent care for Calhoun while he was one of her puppies. He is the smartest, most loyal dog that I have ever had in my life. He completes our family and I can’t imagine a day without him. We love Candy Doodles and love our best boy Calhoun!

Lane Family

Port Royal, SC, Calhoun from the Picco/Dawson litter.

“Three years ago, our Sweet LuLu,left us very suddenly. (Goldendoodle from a mother breeder, we hadn’t heard of Candy, at this point) Our hearts were so broken, she was a total sweetheart in every way. We thought, that’s it, no more dogs . Wrong, after about 3 mo we knew, there would be.I searched and searched on internet. One place kept my intention again and again. Made contact with Candy and the process started . She showed pictures of this one litter and there HE was! He was available ! Pictures followed, over next 2 months. Our PICK UP DAY, finally came, we drove 8 hrs, went to Candy’s, they were in an enclosure, I knew the minute I saw him , it was OUR HUCK❤️ WE LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH, loveable, smart, funny and we are so VERY thankful to Candy Powell for her attention to everything about these beautiful babies. It’s the total package dealing with Candy Doodles! Thank you❤️

Brown Family

Ohio, Huck from the Pebbles/Dawson litter.

I heard about Candy Doodles from a mutual friend. I was dying to get one, and my husband had us put on the list for my wedding present. When it was time to pick up our sweet Gemma, it was love at first sight! She is the sweetest, smartest dog in the entire universe and we cannot imagine our lives without her. We are so thankful for Candy and the amazing pups that she has. Anywhere we go, we are constantly stopped by people asking about Gemma and I love telling everyone about Candy Doodles and what an awesome breeder Candy is. Before we got Gemma, a friend told me “There is no love like a doodle love.” I didn’t really understand that until I got my sweet girl, but now I see exactly what she meant and I cannot agree more!”

Freeman Family

Whiteville, NC Gemma from the Molly/Lincoln litter

“I bought Rosie almost a year ago as a suprise for my daugter’s 7th birthday. I was so nervous about the “investment” of a dog. It was not just about the cost of a dog, but the caring for and living with a dog part that scared me. I have never been a dog lover, but all of my family loves dogs and especially my little girl. In fact, she begged and begged for a golden doodle for a started contemplation the though of getting a doodle.

After talking with Candy of Candy Doodles, I knew I had found the right place. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we communicated over & over again. I had many questions because I had never owned a dog. Candy spent countless times talking with me, emailing with me, direct messages with me, you name it!! She wanted to make sure I was a good fit, just as I wanted to make sure I could be a pet owner. She helped me through the process and still to this day (almost a year later), she still answers my questions and checks on our sweet Rosie

Now, let me tell you about Rosie…she is the Best Doodle Ever!!! I love her more than I ever thought possible, and that is HUGE coming from this non dog lover!!!! She has the best temperament, which was initially so important to me. I did not want a wild and crazy dog, I did not want to worry about the dog destroying my house, I had real concerns about all of that. Rosie is a gem!!! She is sweet, kind, calm, loving, smart, and absolutely adorable. She lets my 7 year old dress her, sit on her, dance with her, you name it!!! She loves us unconditionally as we do her! She has been easy to train, another thing I was so worried about and she has not destroyed anything in my house. She has sweet manners and such a kind heart. We love her more than I could ever, ever imagine!

When we get home in the afternoons, we all try to run in the house as fast as we can to be the first to get to Rosie, we all want Rosie to play with us and sit with us! But the biggest & most shocking thing is that Rosie sleeps with me ever single night, side by side. But remember…..I’m the non dog lover in the house. I would not have it any other way. Rosie has made such a difference in our family. She is our family, she is our Rosie girl!!! We love her with all of our hearts!”

Bowen Family

Newnan, GA, Rosie from Rosie & Prince Oakley's litter

“I can’t express how much we love our candy doodle Willow. She is the sweetest girl and is so loving. My first experience with Candy was 3 years ago when my daughter found her and got on the list for a puppy. We watched videos Candy posted so we could see the babies grow. The photo shoots she does are the cutest. We fell in love on line. 😂
I knew then that one day I too would have a candy doodle.
Her love and devotion to all of her dogs is evident in the dogs. They are the best!!! We are very grateful we found Candy and love seeing how all the candy doodle families love their dogs as much as we do ours!! Thanks for all you do Candy, you are the best!!!!💜🐾💜🐾
Willow and Fitz”

Huntersville, NC, Edge Family, Doodle mom to Willow, (Picco/Dawson) and grandma to Fitz, (Peppermint Patty/Dawson

Freeman Family

Whiteville, NC Gemma from the Molly/Lincoln litter