“These dogs are not available. The Retired Candy Doodles live in their furever guardian homes, (or here @ Candy Doodles). They have been in their homes since they were young pups.”

Maggie – Our Retired Momma

Maggie lives with the Dennis Family, along with another guardian dog, Ellie. She had some amazing Bernedoodle pups born here at Candy Doodles. Maggie was full of personality. 

Chloe – Our Retired Momma

Chloe was born here at Candy Doodles from mom, Sully. She is the sister to Luna, and half sister to Molly. She is incredibly sweet!! Thankfully I kept her son, Nobel Gus, and granddaughter Ellie to carry on her legacy. She lives with wonderful guardian family here in Florence. 


Annie – Our Retired Momma

Annie was a great asset here at Candy Doodles. She was great mom, and had wonderful pups. Thankfully I held back her daughter, Lady Liberty to carry on her legacy. Annie lives with the wonderful Pruesner-Motto family along with another Candy Doodle mom, Picco. 

Eli (Prince Ellington) – Our retired Dad

Eli had adorable pups with some having his phantom marking and cafe au late/chocolate coloring. Like all of the guardian families he remained with his family, which live here in Florence. 

Peppermint Patty – Our Retired Momma

Peppermint Patty had the most precious pups! They were certainly some of the most sought after. I’m blessed to have held back her daughters, Poppy and Cookie to carry on her legacy. She looks a LOT like her momma, Paprika and her daughters as well. She lives a spoiled life with the Baker Family that have 4 other Candy Doodles including mom, Dixie.


Sully – Our Retired Momma

Sully lives at Candy Doodles as a lifetime resident, & family member. She is the Mom to Candy Doodles Chloe, Molly, and Luna. The Grandma to Candy Doodles Noble Gus, and Lady Liberty, and the Great Grandma to Candy Doodles Ellie. There was nothing in the world she lived better than being a mommy. Sully is the most wonderful girl in the world. She is the best cuddle buddy there is. 

Paprika – Our Retired Momma

Paprika is one of my personal kids, (dogs) that lives here at Candy Doodles. She is my ball obsessed, food motivated, silly girl. I’m thankful I knelt back several of her offspring to carry on her legacy. Her daughters, Peppermint Patty(retired), and Willow, also granddaughters, Poppy, and Cookie are all Candy Doodle moms.

Rosie (Queen of the Rose) – Our Retired Momma

Rosie is my personal child, (dog) that lives here at Candy Doodles. She had some outstanding pups, including my one and only Standard Poodle litter, along with Goldendoodle pups also. She LOVES keeping watch over any pups that are here.


Pebbles – Our Retired Momma

Sweetheart Pebbles has an outstanding temperament. Her pups were absolutely amazing in every way. Thankfully I held back her daughter, Matilda Grace, aka Tilly to be a mom and carry on her legacy. Both Pebbles and her daughter Tilly live with their amazing mom, Kim in Marion, SC.