What is a Guardian Program?


Guardian families are huge part of Candy Doodles – Goldendoodles. Each spoiled breeding dog in the Candy Doodle program deserves to live very pampered lives. These homes are selected through a process of an application, interview and a home inspection. The cost of the puppy (free) is that a contract is signed that Candy Doodles has breeding rights until the dog is retired by Candy Doodles (the owner does not have breeding rights). The pup stays with the guardian family for his or her lifetime under the guidelines of the contract.

Both the males and females will visit Candy Doodles for bonding purposes and breeding. The health testing and breeding costs are paid for by Candy Doodles. The females will stay during the labor, delivery, and weaning of their pups. The females have around 4 litters and then they are retired and fixed. The families with a Female guardian pup receive $500 after each litter their female has, UNLESS other arrangements were made. The males do not retire until a later age which is determined by Candy Doodles – Goldendoodles. If you think you are interested in becoming a guardian, please see the following requirements. Please contact me if you meet the requirements and want more information.

Guardian Home Eligibility Requirements

  • You cannot be a breeder, (ever had a litter) or become a breeder while the pup lives with you

  • Must stay within 30 minutes from Florence, SC for a Male pup

  • Must stay with 1.5 hours of Florence, SC for a Female pup

  • Fenced in yard

  • Pup must live indoors

  • All other dogs in the home/property must already be spayed or neutered.

  • I prefer that you own your home, but if you do not then you must have permission from your landlord/renter

  • Everyone in the home (adults) must agree to the terms

  • Vet reference

  •  Must be able to afford maintenance which includes annual vet exams for vaccines, vet visits for any injury or sickness while in your care, heart worm medication, flea/tick medication, grooming, food, and supplies
  • Must be easy to reach and have good communication skills

  • Must have prior dog experience (meaning you must have had a dog in the past)

  • Must be able to provide transportation.

  • Must have another dog already living inside your home. This will help the guardian dogs feel more comfortable when they are in my home with other dogs.

Available Puppies for Guardianship will be listed Here on this page.

Florence, SC

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