Welcome to the Candy doodles family. I know having a new Furever member can be overwhelming at times so Candy Doodles has created a resource page just for you! If this page doesn’t answer all your questions, feel free to CONTACT US!

Candy Doodles wants to recommend items that will be the perfect fit your you and your new furever pet. Check out our shop page HERE.

What suggestions do you have on the ride home with my new pup?

If you are traveling a long distance by yourself, I recommend having a crate where the pup will be safe. If you feel you want your pup to ride up front with you then have a large Tupperware storage bin (with no lid), so you can put your hand on him to comfort him. Another option is a booster seat. This way your pup could ride safely buckled in, and comfy. If you have more than one person, I still recommend you take a crate or Tupperware bin. That way if your pup gets too hot with the body heat from you holding them, then you have another option. If you have a short distance or have other family members riding with you then holding your pup is another option.

Will my pup get car sick?

It is possible your pup could get car sick. For this reason, take towels, paper towels, bottle water for clean up and wipes. If you think your pup is car sick, make sure they have air on them and they are not hot.

Should I stop for potty breaks on the way home with my pup?

If possible, no because they have not had all their shots. If you are traveling a long distance and need to stop then I recommend stopping somewhere off an exit, not at an interstate rest area when other dogs frequent since your pup is not fully vaccinated. Make sure they are in a safe place and have their leash on them.

What will my puppy come home with?

The puppy will be sent home with a collar, leash, ziplock bag of food, bag of treats, toy, blanket that smells like mom, and siblings, vet records, microchip info, Trupanion 30 days free pet health insurance (you will need to sign them up), and a copy of
the Purchase Agreement/2 Year Health Guarantee/Spay & Neuter Contract.

What items should I have before my puppy comes home?

Below are items that I feel are beneficial to have in your home for your new puppy. These items are on our shop page for easy access to purchase. 

You will need

  • Bowls for food and water: stainless steel or ceramic
  • Crate (Medium size for Mini & Medium pups, & Large or XL for Standard pups)
  • TALL baby gates to block off unwanted areas. Most of the pups will climb the small gates and the play pens.
  • Lots of chew toys! Having a good variety is best. Just keep in mind that you should monitor your dogs with toys. If the toy becomes small from your dog chewing it, throw it away to avoid him ingesting it.
  • ODOR FREE Bully Sticks by BestBullySticks are amazing for pups. Just be sure you order the ODOR FREE!! I get them from Chewy.com and get the 12in size, so they last longer. Once they get down to about 3-4 inches it is best to throw it away,
    so they don’t swallow it.
  • Benebones are my dogs and pups absolute favorite along with the
  • Fake Wood Sticks by Pet Stages,
  • Balls
  • Stuffed toys that crinkle or squeak
  • Kong rubber toys.
  • Snuggle Puppy – It is a stuffed dog that has a heartbeat like they are snuggling with a sibling. It can be bought online or at some pet stores helps the pup during those first few tough nights without sleeping with his siblings. This is completely optional. Some pups love it and some don’t care anything about it.
  • Puppy shampoo (any brand), I currently use Tropiclean Puppy.
  • Slicker brush – I recommend Chris Christianson Coral Slicker Brush – This is a tool not necessarily needed immediately, but the sooner you get your pup used to be brushed and groomed the better.
  • I don’t recommend spending a lot on a dog bed because your pup is likely going to chew and potty on it. I would just use blankets which are easy to wash if needed. When your pup gets older you can buy a dog bed. If you have the space for a dog cot like the Coolaroo, that is a good option for a bed that they typically cannot chew up. Another option if you really want a bed is a mat without stuffing, like a crate mat.
  • Forti Flora probiotics are very helpful in keeping your pup’s digestive system healthy. I recommend buying some and using it at least for the first 2-4 weeks during the time your pup will be stressed during the transition of a new environment. You can buy Forti Flora online through Chewy.
What food has my puppy been eating?

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach “Salmon & Rice” PUPPY Food. This food can be bought online through Chewy or other pet supply stores or found on the shelf at some Pet Stores.

What food do you recommend?

I recommend keeping your pup on Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach “Salmon & Rice” PUPPY Food for 12 months. At 12 months I recommend switching to the Adult brand. If you decide to switch there are many other great food options. Please see dogfoodadvisor.com for current ratings. It is not recommended to switch foods often. This WILL make your pup have diarrhea, and possibly vomit. When you do switch, you must do it slowly by mixing the old food with the new food for a few days to avoid them from getting sick.

How much food should I give?

The back of the bag will give the recommended amount. I would give at least that or more. Your pup will not eat too much unless he thinks he’s not going to get
fed again soon, or not enough. If your pup is not eating all his food, then you might be giving too much, feeding too many times a day, or giving too many treats. Keep in mind to that pups, just like human children will go through growth spurts where they will eat more, and times where they will not eat much at all. If your pup is eating at least a little, drinking enough water, is playful, sleeping well, pooping, and peeing good then don’t worry if they are not eating much.

How long should I keep my pup on puppy food?

It is best to keep them on a quality puppy food for the first year.

How much water should I give my pup?

The pups need a lot of water. Have water always available except for when your pup is in his crate.

Should I crate train my pup?

Yes, crate training is a great idea for many reasons. It will help you house train your pup. Pups typically will not potty in their crate. Keep in mind though that pups,
especially young pups cannot hold it long, so they will potty anywhere if they really need to go. The crate gives the pups a safe place to go if you have small children, other animals, or a busy/loud home, and creates a den-like home that they need. Pups need a place they can go to if they don’t feel safe. Leave the crate open when the pup is not in the crate to allow him to go inside it when wanted. Your pup will more than likely hate the crate at first, but keep at it, and
try to show that dog that the crate is a good place, and not for punishment. You can help do this by giving your dog treats and/or toys that they love while in their crate. Only give safe toys like a Kong when a pup is left unattended. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PUP IN A CRATE FOR EXTENDED

Where should my pup stay while I’m at work?

Your young pup cannot hold himself for long. If you plan to keep your pup in a crate, then you will need to give your pup potty and water breaks. You could gate off an area and use pee pads, but keep in mind your pup will get bored and chew any and everything. Leave lots of toys and keep anything dangerous or important out of his
reach. Doggie daycare or a pet sitter would be better options. A playpen is typically not a good option because the pup will more than likely jump/climb over it. Do not leave your doodle outside for an extended time. Doodles do not have a double coat, so they are not protected from the heat and cold, and their curly coat will get matted.

What size crate should I get?

I recommend buying the large or XL wire/metal crate if you have a standard size Doodle pup. If you have a Medium pup then the Medium or Large crate is
recommended, and a Medium crate is recommended for the Mini’s. If you notice that the pup is pottying in the crate, then you may need to use the divider that many crates come with. Some pups will not need the divider.

Should I put a dog bed or mat in the crate?

Your pup will get likely chew up the bed and/or potty on it. I recommend putting only a blanket in the crate. This also allows the pup to sleep on the crate floor itself when they get hot, which is normal for doodles. Another good option is a crate mat half the size of the crate floor, so the pup has the option to either sleep on the mat or
on the cool floor when they are hot.

When does my puppy need to be fixed (spayed or neutered)?

As stated in the signed Spay & Neuter Contract your pup is required to be spayed or neutered before 12 months of age. I do not require that you wait that long. YOU WILL NEED TO SEND PROOF OF THE SPAY/NEUTER as stated in the contract you will sign.

How do I send proof of the spay or neuter?

You can take a picture of the invoice from the vet and message it to me on Facebook, email, phone, or snail mail.

When do I need to take my pup to the vet?

Your pups next vaccine date will show on the vet record; however, it is best to have a vet see your pup within the first 72 hours for a vet wellness exam. This exam will let you know if your puppy is healthy and free of any parasites. The wellness exam is not required though, so if your pup is eating, drinking, and pottying normal then you could wait until to get him seen when the next vaccines are due. **Hold your pup in
your lap while at the vet office, even when outside of the vet office to avoid them from getting parvo until they are fully vaccinated.

What happens if my vet tells me my pup has a parasite/worms?

Your pup has been dewormed and checked by a vet, but worms are very common in pups. Even with the dewormer, there are
times that the dewormer may not be strong enough. Your vet will give you medication for your pup to kill the worms. Please contact me if your pup has worms and what kind it is, this will help me decide if I need to switch dewormer brands for future pups. The medications are typically not expensive, and I will pay for the medication if you want me to, (if the worms were found within 72 hours of the pup leaving).

My pup is squatting to pee several times during the same potty break and licking her bottom.

It is common for pups to get UTI/bladder/yeast infections at a young age, especially the females. You will need to take the pup to the vet, and it is best to take a urine sample with you. You can’t always prevent this, but it is best to try to keep your pup clean, her potty area trimmed, and give plenty of water. If it is found that your pup has a UTI/bladder/yeast infection within 72 hours I
will pay for the medication and if they had to run a urinalysis test if you want me to.

When should I start brushing my pup?

Immediately and often. The more you brush the more they get used to being brushed. Play with their feet and ears to keep them comfortable with having those areas groomed. If you are consistently brushing, combing and playing with their feet and ears then your pup will be easier to groom for your groomer and less stress on the pup.

When should I take my pup for his first groom?

Most groomers will not take your pup until he has finished all his puppy shots. I would take your pup soon after the completion of his puppy shots for a bath, potty trim, and face trim. It is up to you when you decide to take your pup for his first full groom. You will need to keep your pup brushed to prevent matting.

How do I clean my dogs’ ears?

Get an ear cleaner like Zymox Ear Cleaner. Wet a cotton ball and clean the ear flap and just slightly inside the ear. If your pup has black gunk, redness, or a smell in their ears then use Zymox Otic in the blue bottle for the recommended time. Anytime you are
in doubt see a vet.

How can I keep my dogs’ teeth cleaned?

You have a few options…

  • toothbrush and doggie toothpaste
  • wipe teeth & gums with a towel
  • give dental chew
  • some groomers offer teeth cleaning
  • dental appointment with your vet

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