“Candy Doodles Legacy of Adam”

F1b Mini Bernedoodle

  • 27 lbs

  • Curly (+\+) non-shedding coat
  • OFA hips – Pending
  • OFA elbows – Pending
  • OFA patellas – Pending
  • OFA cardiac – Pending
  • OFA eye CERF – Normal
  • Genetic testing panel through Embark

Adam is the son on Candy Doodles Bowman. He has a gorgeous coat and one blue eye. Very excited to have this guy as a future dad. He lives in a guardian home here in Florence with the wonderful Gainey Family. He loves to go shopping with his family at the Farmer Market and eats up all the attention he gets. He has an AMAZINGLY  super sweet, calm, laid back, confident temperament. Such a perfect guy! 


“Candy Doodles Buffet”

Mini/Medium Australian Bernedoodle  

  • 43 lbs

  • Curly (+\+) non-shedding coat
  • OFA hips – Good
  • OFA elbows – Normal
  • OFA patellas – Normal
  • OFA cardiac – Normal
  • Genetic testing panel through Embark

Buffett is an Australian Bernedoodle. One of his parents was a Mini Bernedoodle and the other was a Mini Australian Labradoodle, (mix of the Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, and Labrador, and sometimes the Curly Coated Retriever, and Irish Water Spaniel). Buffett lives with a guardian family right here in Florence. He loves his family and is protective of them, and loyal to them. He is a little wary of meeting people and dogs until he gets to know them. Buffett grew up as an only dog, and I think because of that he is a little uneasy about other dogs.